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Self Care with Lori Marini

Do something just because it makes you happy!

Lori Marini

The definition of self-care /ˌselfˈker/ noun:

the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Life is about balance. Everything in life is connected and if one part of your life is out of balance, then it will either take over or be forgotten. When life is not in balance, people tend to become reactionary, anxiety ridden, bullies, or shut down. It’s easy to get frustrated when you feel you are the only one doing everything. At times of stress, when we are being pulled in every direction, the last thing we think about doing is taking a time out to care for ourselves. I see this every day with my Loving Gypsy Soul Coaching Clients, many of which have had their lives turned upside down with a cancer diagnosis: either as a Warrior or as their amazing Caregiver. I found the key to happiness is to keep our emotional, mental, and physical life balanced through self-care.

How do you start? First, give yourself permission. Second, self-care is anything that provides you peace and calm: from napping, hiking, reading, laughing, singing, journaling, watching a movie, massages, shopping, exercising, to baking delicious cupcakes and decorating them with fancy sprinkles. Folks, the good news about self-care is there really is no set way!  

Taking a minimum of 10 minutes of each day to do something solely for your enjoyment will set a positive tone for your whole day and will make you more productive! Below is my personal top-secret list of must-dos:

Do something just because it makes you happy!

Sitting in your favorite quiet space with a coffee and a book you love. Challenging yourself with a basket of golf balls and seeing how straight and far you can go. Having a delicious soft serve ice cream cone instead of eating lunch just because you can. {My vice of choice is the soft serve vanilla with rainbow shots, please!}

Get Into Nature

Trying a new sport or making time for your old reliable activities. Find something that motivates you to get outdoors and into nature will ignite your soul. A 10-minute walk along a wooded trail or paddling out to the middle of a still lake has an amazing impact on your wellbeing.  

Seek Out Silence

It took me until my 30s before I realized that silence is a gift. There doesn’t need to be constant conversation, entertainment, or stimulation to validate your relationships or your life. Daily meditation provides you with more clarity, focus, and peace within your world. New to meditation? Start each morning with 5 minutes and increase your minutes weekly. There are great free apps such as Mindfulness and Headspace that can support you to stay in the game. 

Be adventurous

Science has proven that by taking on a new, exciting challenge, you will increase your creativity and your soul will rejoice! Do something that will have you look back and say “Wow! I did that!”. Consider something you haven’t done before like signing up for the 5k mud run challenge with your besties, indoor rock climbing, take a public speaking course, cliff diving, belaying down a mountain, or riding an ATV through the desert. Anything that gets your heart pumping! 


Taking out the time for fitness is a sure way to make you feel self-love! A quick 30 minutes heart-pounding activity is the best way to start your day with positive energy. Personally, everyday life stressors bring me down when I haven’t dedicated the time before my hectic day to get my gym on. 

Feed Your Spiritual Soul

Being in tune with yourself and your Universe helps serve your soul. Practices such as yoga, walking/running, meditation, attending religious services help people get in a Zen zone. Grab your yoga mat and let’s go. 


Keeping a journal of the beauty and positivity found in your daily life is a sure way to keep yourself positive and feel cared for. 


Your body is your temple. To feel your best, you must feed it with clean eating and hydration. {Please turn a blind eye to my ice cream for lunch. Thanks!}

Learn to Say No

Being a people pleaser robs you of the time you can spend on yourself. Your friends and family will still like you even when you begin to tell them no. Trust me on this one.


Napping as an adult is an undervalued luxury. There’s no better day than a day you can take a nap guilt-free. 

Taking at least 10 minutes out of your day to do something that you love will set a positive tone for your whole day. Moral of the story: give yourself permission to eat ice cream for lunch since “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” If there is any way I can personally serve you, please check out my website at I would love to support you in living a life that you love! Namaste.


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