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Jennifer Ankele: Medium


After my fiance passed away suddenly in early 2020, my life was shattered. My future was shattered, my plans, completely washed away. The grief seemed insurmountable and starting my life over from scratch felt impossible while facing grief.

A year after my Michael's death, I started to seek out a medium. I had been feeling Michael's presence and in some cases, even heard him. It felt a little crazy making. I wanted verification.

The first Medium I sought out was a complete hack. I was under the impression I paid for a mediumship reading, but I didn't get any sort of mediumship reading. She wanted to give me an astrology reading and every other reading available but a medium reading.

I was devastated, again.

Then months later, I was scrolling on my instagram and a Grief Medium post came up. I was super skeptical but I looked into it. Her prices were affordable and I thought.... well.... if it's another hack job, then so be it. At least it was an affordable loss.

Jennifer Ankele was very good at reading the energy that surrounded me from the other side. Almost too good, because a lot of it was hard for her to interpret. Yet, I knew exactly what she was talking about.

One of the things to remember about medium readings, is that the medium's interpretation might be off.... but the image or words they hear/use are always precise. Keep your mind open when receiving a reading, and hold the energy of the person you wish to communicate with.

My reading was so intense that I'm here, sharing her information with you all.

I sent her a little Q&A after my session to lift her gifts up. She is doing important work.

1. How long have you been a medium? How did you discover this gift?

I was born a medium. Since my earliest memories from age 2-3, I have been seeing and experiencing Spirit. At first I thought they were actual living people but by around 8, I figured out they were Spirits. Being a medium has always been a natural part of my life just like having wavy hair has been.
2. What is the most common misconception about your work?

The most common misconception about mediumship is that some people believe it is scary or evil. It is the exact opposite. When I give a mediumship reading I feel the love and presence of God within me as I connect with a loved one in Spirit. I also feel the loved one in Spirit’s love for the sitter. Sometimes I want to cry tears of joy because the feeling of love is so strong. It is an incredibly beautiful experience.

3. Is there a message that seems to come across more often than others?

The most common message I get from Spirit is usually that Spirit cares and loves the sitter. Spirit loves to reminisce happy memories and reassure their loved ones they still visit them often.

4. How does it feel to be able to connect people with their passed on family/friends?

Being able to connect people to their loved ones in Spirit is an absolute honor and joy. It is something that I don’t take lightly. It has become my life’s purpose.

5. For those who are skeptical about communicating with those on the other side, what do you say to them?

I was trained not to worry or give my energy to skeptics. If someone doesn’t want to believe in mediumship then they won’t. Some people will remain a skeptic even if they are given a very detailed accurate reading. Not everything can be proved by science and that is what some skeptics are expecting. However, there have been times when skeptics have changed their mind after receiving a reading or watching a mediumship demonstration. That’s always rewarding. 

6. What has been the biggest blessing from the work you do?

The biggest blessing I have received from mediumship is the 100% confidence I have knowing there is no death and knowing how wonderful it is on the Other Side. I also love the fact that I speak to my loved ones in Spirit often. I feel so blessed to be able to do this.

7. How should a person prepare to receive a reading?

Before a reading, I recommend a person ask their loved ones in Spirit to come through in their reading. The person should ask their loved ones to come close to them during the reading. The sitter should try taking deep breaths, relaxing, and thinking happy thoughts. If you feel happy and relaxed you will vibrate higher which helps the medium communicate better to your loved one.

8. Can you recommend a method of staying in touch with our loved ones on a day to day basis?

If you want to stay in touch with your loved ones in Spirit on a day to day basis, I recommend you speak to your loved ones in Spirit often. Speak out loud or in your mind as if they are still with you, because they still are! Close your eyes and open your heart to feel their presence or response as you talk to them. Eventually you will feel them. No it’s not your imagination either!

Also talk about your loved ones often to your family and friends and reminisce about them. Your loved ones in Spirit will feel and hear you which will bring them closer to you. It kind of fuels your connection with them.

9. If you could describe the other side from your experience with those passed on, what would you say it was like?

The Other Side is full of love. God’s presence is felt everywhere. Since no one has a physical body there everyone is able to feel how strongly connected they are to each other. It feels like you are holding hands with everyone and able to know everyone’s thoughts.

The Other Side is a place for our soul to learn and grow. The goal of our soul is to become closer to God. We can experience new growth and knowledge there too. Spirit is always awe struck as they describe the Other Side.

We can also rest and recharge there as long as we want. We can remember and re-experience all the things we loved to do here on the earthly plane. Spirit has shown me they can still dance, sing, go fishing, and even drink a beer there!

We are still with our family and friends on the Other Side. We will also be reunited with souls we love and know but who we have not lived with on this earthly plane. It is the ultimate family reunion.

10. What is the best way people can contact you to book their own reading?

The best way to contact me is to go to my web site Also follow me on social media @Jenniferthegriefmedium

When you chat with Jennifer, tell her Wendy from Our Soul Oasis sent you. =)

Listed below are a few grief books that helped me through Michael's loss and the loss of my own future. Many people don't understand that when someone very close to you passes, like a partner, you grieve more than just the person. You grieve plans that were made, also.

These are affiliate links. We make a few cents per sale for sharing it with you when a purchase is made (at no cost to you).

1. The Smell of Rain on Dust


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