Meet Danna Templman, Psychic for Our Soul Oasis

For over 20 years Danna has been a practicing psychic and medium. Being clairsentiant , clairaudiant, and clairvoyant she channels information for clients. 

She is able to receive messages from the spirit realm in clear concise words and images. Her gifts have been since birth and has run in her family for generations. With a BA in psychology, Danna is able to bring her spiritual beliefs, her psychology background and Eastern philosophies to help her clients achieve maximum success in life coaching, spiritual counseling and communicating with their loved ones on the other side of the veil. 

Danna studies the effects of solar flares, planetary alignments, and the collective consciousness and shares her findings in her energy reports.

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Editor's Note: I have known Danna for almost a decade. Her readings and reports are incredibly in tune. I'm excited to be working with Danna and have her on the Our Soul Oasis team. ~Wendy