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Meet Dr. Elise Ho, Holistic Life Coach & Columnist

Dr. Ho is a Holistic Life Coach focused on helping you to build your health and wealth. Dr. Ho offers 30 years of experience and holds multiple certifications and degrees including a Ph.D. in Natural Health and a doctoral degree in Naturopathic Psychology. As a married mother of three young adults, Dr. Ho is a 100% location independent entrepreneur living the laptop lifestyle. She provides personal and business development along with support through natural products such as herbs, essential oils, and CBD. Dr. Ho offers 1:1 concierge coaching, VIP mastermind groups, and guided DIY programs along with nutrition therapy, natural remedies, and several proven tools to help people navigate the seven pillars of wellness. She is passionate about helping others through her private practice, her work with corporate clients and as a parent advocate focused on bridging the gap in parenting and provide support and caring guidance to all families regardless of socioeconomic status or any other s

Meet Terra Bundance, Empowerment Coach for Our Soul Oasis

Terra Bundance lives her purpose and passion by sharing her gifts and talents as an inspirational speaker, author, performer and workshop leader.  She supports people in claiming their purpose and living their passion out loud. She is a Transformation Coach, and creates tools to support transformation including: Jewelry With a Purpose, CBD Products, Raw Chocolate, Personalized Essential Oil Blends and Sprays, Orgonite, Books/Workbooks, and more. Terra’s professional background includes performing in plays and bands for over 30 years, and teaching and coaching for over 25 years. She works out of Woodstock and Canton, GA, and offers online and phone sessions as well. Terra’s personal world vision is: “We are ALL, always experiencing harmonious Oneness, and passionately expressing our Authentic Purpose”. Website: Instagram: Facebook: Editor's Note: I met Terra just outside of Portland at a mu

Meet Crystal Lucas, Empath and Life Coach with Our Soul Oasis

I am an Empath, life coach and the Advertising & Marketing Representative for Our Soul Oasis.  My gift as an Empath has helped me hone my skills as a life coach. I love working to empower other women to heal their bodies, mind and spirit. Using my gifts of compassion, love and kindness I am able to guide people through some of the challenges that life brings them. I am passionate about connecting with my clients to help bring their vision for their life to them, be it through creating the perfect ad space in Our Soul Oasis, or coaching. My hobbies include camping, & hiking with my kids, or communing with nature in all ways. I also love cooking & baking, testing out new recipes and tweaking them to be as healthy as possible. I recently discovered a love for weight lifting and muscle training and am pursuing it with gusto. I have a vagabond spirit and love to travel, exploring new places and creating new experiences. Driving is my favorite way to travel, windows down, mus

Meet Danna Templman, Psychic for Our Soul Oasis

For over 20 years Danna has been a practicing psychic and medium. Being clairsentiant , clairaudiant, and clairvoyant she channels information for clients.  She is able to receive messages from the spirit realm in clear concise words and images. Her gifts have been since birth and has run in her family for generations. With a BA in psychology, Danna is able to bring her spiritual beliefs, her psychology background and Eastern philosophies to help her clients achieve maximum success in life coaching, spiritual counseling and communicating with their loved ones on the other side of the veil.  Danna studies the effects of solar flares, planetary alignments, and the collective consciousness and shares her findings in her energy reports. Connect with Danna: Facebook Editor's Note: I have known Danna for almost a decade. Her readings and reports are incredibly in tune. I'm excited to be working with Danna and have her on the Our Soul Oasis team. ~Wendy

Meet Carree Tolle, Teaching Artist & Art Therapy Coach with Our Soul Oasis

ColorYourselfPurple | Therapeutic Art & Paint Therapy  I am CARree, a Teaching Artist, Writer and Certified Art Therapy Personal Development Life Coach. I have been using art from a very young age to recapture the better days and color my life purple, the way I thought it should look like. I used my imagination and art works to cheer myself up; to escape from the pain and hurt I experienced as a child and beyond. I developed the need for the arts in my life.  Embracing the peace, and the moments within the arts to heal, to recreate, to separate myself from the pain. Through drawing and writing, from the Ballet to the Symphony. To make a life brighter and bolder for the world to see my true color, to Color Myself Purple. An active artist, and writer on some level throughout my adult life as a commissioned artist as a contracted columnist, and paid writer. Staying close to my artistic and creative nurturing side, while maintaining a full time career that actually