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Showing posts from April 28, 2019

Skip Hanson

Skip Hanson is a 44 year old father of 2. He is an avid reader and podcaster. Co host of Random Thought Patterns, a paranormal Podcast  , he enjoys the spookier things in life. A practicing Heathen for 25+ years he is always striving to move forward on his path. He is learning Reiki and has does his best to spread knowledge and positivity.  His biggest goal in life is providing and making his family and friends happy.

Katie Kiernan

"Life is a storm, my young friends. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you who you are is what you do when that storm comes.” Kathleen Kiernan was primarily raised by mother and grandparents while father was a truck driver and providing out on the road. One of 11 siblings. Eight of which grew up under the same roof in a three-bedroom house. Poor would be calling it kind. She had to deal with alcoholic parents and struggles of this kind in the family. Instead of giving into the negativity she chose to forge her own path and make the world a more positive place. She is currently working hard for her degree in social work. She is a Co-Host of Random Thought Patterns, a Paranormal Podcast and Host of her own pod cast Open Books and Empty Bottles (Instagram and Facebook @OpenBooksEmptyBottles. She loves reading and partaking in physical activities. A single mother of a 12 year old, her main focu