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Welcoming Authentic Change Despite Fear by Lori Marini

Change. The word alone makes most of us cringe. Unless a person has done a lot of self-development, as humans, most of us do not like change unless we are at the helm of it.  Change is tricky. Change is scary. If things are outside of our control, we mostly will challenge any form of change: small changes like your partner switching the side of the bed you sleep on or significant changes like your being forced to take a 6:30 am virtual meeting when your day typically begins at 9:00 am. But before you are able to embrace a welcome change, you must first dig deep and look into the root cause of wh y your reaction the way it is to the change.  Is it something you did in the past that didn't work out the way you intended? Is it ingrained in you based on an experience in your childhood? Or is this something that you've never encountered before and you don't know how to be? Is it clear that all of the above require you first to accept what is? Reality Acceptance of how you are,