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Position Yourself As An Expert

Clear the fog and become an expert in your field. Our Soul Oasis Magazine is looking for a few experts in their field to contribute to the magazine and some special editions. We are currently seeking: Massage Therapist Essential Oil Expert Tantra Teacher Life Coach Shaman Astrologer Psychic Medium Pet Psychic Spiritual Healer Dating/Relationship Coach Yoga Instructor Plant Based Chef Meditation Teacher Abundance Teacher & Creator Hypnotherapist Manifestation Coach  Equine Therapist We are always continually seeking authors, products, & artists to spotlight. Please use the contact form or email Wendy directly at (without spaces) Wendy @

Stress Free Online Holiday Shopping Guide

Our Holiday Shopping Guide will be published and promoted on all major networks on November 1, 2019. We are expecting 25 million views this season. We will be featuring articles on how to have a stress free holiday, full page ads for a blowout price of $120, and our catalog section will be divided into categories for an easy shopping experience that anyone can utilize online. To have your product listed in our catalog, it is $50 per listing or 3 for $130. Direct sales products and businesses are welcome to participate. Contact us directly using the contact form or email to learn more. Let's all have an easy, stress free holiday season for 2019!

Kim Vuz

I’m Coach Kimberly AKA The Fear Slayer. I am a Personal Development Life Coach, Hypnosis Counselor and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. My specialty is helping entrepreneurial moms slay fear, overwhelm and self-destructive behaviors, while boosting self-confidence, focus and motivation so they can take back their power. This powerhouse combination of working on the subconscious, conscious and energetic levels is the key to being free to create exactly what you desire. I am honest, insightful and loyal (I’ll be your biggest cheerleader). I have a warped sense of humor that I am quite proud of. I find humor in everything. I am a NJ girl raised by mid-westerners. I like to say I am a NJ girl with a mid-western heart. So you get the best of both worlds. That would be brutal honesty with love, humor, the very best of intentions, down to earth and logical solutions with a big dollop of hope, belief, trust, faith, encouragement and of course the Law of Attraction, because who do