Kris Davies

Kris Davies lives in South Wales, UK with her family, humans and dogs!

She is a soul, body and mind expert, spiritual life coach, healthy living mentor, beauty and holistic therapist, teacher, speaker and author. She helps women in general,  to live a life in balance, creating a life living in true essence of self and potential. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and other auto-immune diseases, at the point of wanting to ‘give up’, she found a way to completely free herself of the diseases by facing the fears that were the root of the symptoms and discovering who she really was. Since then she has gone on to bring healthy living, daily routines and rituals in to her day to day practises that’s released the ‘needs’ for external gratification and has led to a healthy, balanced successful life with confidence.  ‘I believe we are given everything for a reason, to learn from and to grow, in order to help others do the same.’

Kris coaches women online globally and is also a consultant with Arbonne. In September a book she is co-authoring, called Perfect Health is being released along with 11 other authors, covering a range of health issues.

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