Updated Writer's Guidelines

Thank you so much for wanting to contribute to Our Soul Oasis Magazine. We take pride in what we present to our readers and these guidelines help the publishing process go smoothly.

1. No Sales / Marketing. We provide value to our readers. You are welcome to have a link in the beginning of the magazine, at your byline, and you'll have an opportunity for really affordable ad space. All the content should be value driven with no sales driving content. The sales will happen, after you provide value. This is the #1 mistake contributors make. This kind of content will not be published.

2. No bullets or special formatting in your submission.

3. Send all submissions to Wendy@OurSoulOasis.com with your links, title, and info in 1 email so it is easy to reference. Even if you've already sent it for a previous issue, send it, again. Let's keep all the info flowing for publishing time. Please read: Copy your text and content into the body of your email. You can also send the attachment but please have all the copy in the body of the email. Thank you!

Your subject line should read as this example: Summer 2019 Submission: Insert Title Here

4. Send all ad info and art submissions to Wendy@OurSoulOasis.com with your photos, links, and text in 1 email.

5. Ad space must be paid for in advance of publishing or your ad will be cut along with the article that accompanies it.

6. If you miss a deadline, email Wendy ASAP. There may still be a short window for you to meet the publication deadline which is Not the same as the Submission deadline. (This changes so contact Wendy if needed.)